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Stop Blaming Ads, Start Boosting Conversions:

"Is managing your PPC and social campaigns giving you a headache?

Running paid ads isn’t delivering the results it used to? 

That’s because ad space competition has skyrocketed, making lead generation increasingly difficult and costly. 

Let’s explore a better way to boost conversions and make every ad dollar count!”

Are you facing any of these challenges?

Challenge #1
Traffic not converting into leads

Challenge #3
Unable to engage and follow up with leads

Challenge #2
Leads dropping off

Challenge #4
Not getting the right prospects into the funnel

The Real Culprit Behind Your Sales Slump

So, Here are the things which your paid ads funnel may be missing.

Lack of high-converting Funnel assets
Landing Pages, Content, and ad copies not optimised for conversion.

Lack of Personalisation
Lack of personalised engagement strategy for every customer touch point.

Not leveraging Marketing Automation 
Missing User segmentation, and retargeting strategy and Omni-Channel Engagement.

Not leveraging Your Data
Not using data analytics and predictive analytics for understanding your customer insights.

What Broken Paid Ads Funnel May Cost You?

Your business may be losing big!

You may be losing an average marketing automation ROI of $5.44 per dollar spent (Nucleus Research) and 451% more qualified leads(Moosend) for your sales team!


Building a Performance Funnel Experience (FX™)

Our Solutions

Our team of experts at Promattic will help you with Google Ads Funnel Consulting for Cloud-based companies. We help you maximise your customer acquisition efforts, and make every dollar count.

But here is the Problem.

We are in 2023, most businesses are running ads, and the cost is skyrocketing. Unless you are VC Funded (with 100 million in your account), most businesses agree that generating leads profitably is becoming more challenging with the rising cost of ad spending and high competition for the ad space.

PPC Ads Funnel Management

We offer PPC Ads Funnel to SaaS companies. We help you maximise your conversion rate and lower your cost per acquisition.

Social Media Ads Funnel Management

Promatic can help you get the most out of your social media ad  campaigns with our AdWords optimization services.

Marketing Automation and Engagement service.

We specialise in designing and implementing Marketing automation, CRM, Product onboarding flows and more.

Consulting Service

We help Cloud based companies increase their conversion rate and ROI with our Funnel Consulting services.

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Frequently asked questions:

Google AdWords operates by showing your adverts to prospective clients when they conduct internet searches for goods or services that are comparable to what you provide. To begin using Google AdWords, you must first choose your advertising goal, such as generating calls or website traffic. The geographic area where you want your advertising to run can then be chosen. Set your monthly budget after creating your advertisement. Following approval, your ad will be seen to people in your target area who are looking for keywords associated with your company. When someone engages with your advertisement, such as by clicking on it or calling your business, you just pay for that interaction.

To help businesses reach their target audience, Google AdWords offers a variety of campaign kinds. Search, display, and video campaigns are the top three.


When individuals search for terms relating to your goods or services, text-based search campaigns are displayed on search results pages. By focusing on those who are likely to convert, they can improve website traffic.


Ads using images called “display campaigns” can be found on apps or websites that your target market is likely to visit. They can help brands become more well-known and reach a larger audience.


Short video adverts called video campaigns appear on YouTube content. Using narrative and visual material, they may raise brand awareness and engage with consumers.


Based on your objectives and target market, you should choose the appropriate campaign kind. combining these forms of campaign

All sizes of businesses can use Google AdWords, but local small businesses benefit from it the most. With the assistance of Google ad specialists, it provides tactics for focusing on particular audiences. Depending on the fundamental uses, payment is given according to a price model.

On search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords, Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) network that shows text or banner adverts for your website. The best Google AdWords specialists in Abu Dhabi, Digital Links Pro, can help you with PPC to drive traffic and clicks to your website. SEO is a sustained procedure with outcomes that are assured.

Our Google Ad professionals offer a range of services designed to build successful marketing campaigns and generate leads. You can immediately enhance sales by making adverts. Our Google Ad specialists broaden the audience for your website and guide users towards your goods or services. We review and update your website and landing page to conform to the most recent commercial trends before relaunching your campaign. Also, we look into pertinent keyword phrases and conduct the necessary activities for examination.

Google Ads offer three types of ads: text search, display, and video ads. Text-based ads, also known as Search Ads, appear on the Google search results page. Video ads feature animated or real video ads, while display ads are image-based advertisements.

While Google AdWords are better for producing leads or sales, Facebook advertisements are excellent for increasing brand awareness. Both platforms have billions of people who are engaged, and combining them can help a startup idea succeed. While determining the percentage levels of marketing for each platform, our specialists take into account elements like geo-location, financial resources, and business status.

The average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Ads, formerly known as Google Ads, is $1 – $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. In 2023, businesses will spend anywhere from $500 to more than $30,000 a month on the service.

Our business offers specialised solutions made to meet your individual requirements. Depending on your needs, the cost of our services vary, but we assure you that it is transparent, fair, and inexpensive. We don’t have outrageous fees.

Google has a rigorous prohibition against advertisements for risky or purposefully damaging software, and they employ cutting-edge technology to identify and eliminate any false ad clicks. While generating their ads, firms should follow Google’s guidelines and employ pertinent keywords to produce compelling ads. Businesses may make sure that their ads are made in accordance with Google’s regulations and are optimised for producing profitable leads by working with a Google Advertising Company in Dubai. Google also employs a number of other strategies to combat click fraud, such as automated filtering, manual audits, and in-depth analysis. The ultimate purpose is to produce compelling advertisements that increase website traffic and support a company’s marketing goals.

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