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Google Analytics 4

Solution to all the Marketing Challenges

Cross-Platform Analytics

Rebuilt analytics with an event-based data model to enable measurement across web and app.

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning to surface powerful insights, including access to predictive metrics and capabilities.

Customer Journey

Centralize data for a holistic customer view across devices and platforms, and to capture online and offline events.

Marketing Activation

Activate insights & audiences across channels by leveraging direct integrations to media buying platforms.

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Migrate Plus


Audit Assessment Report


GA4 Property Setup (1 Website)


Migration of all UA events to GA4

(up-to 25)

(up-to 50)


Measurement Plan and event implementation plan


Event Setup – Industry specific and custom events (Upto 50 events)


Goals & Conversions setup

(upto 5)

(Upto 10)


Advanced Analysis Reports (upto 10 reports)


Remarketing and Predictive Audiences (upto 10 audiences)


GA4 Account Support (For Three Month)


GTM Setup


eCommerce Tracking (Purchase Tracking upto 5)


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15 Days

25 Days



No Contract.


No Contract.

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Frequently asked questions:

There are three major reasons to upgrade to Google Analytics 4:

1) All standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023. So GA 4 is required to track user behaviour on your website or app.

2) All web browsers are phasing out third party cookies. GA4 is compatible with that.

3) GA 4 has new data model and analytics capabilities, like cross device tracking and path exploration.

Yes, we can set up custom events for newsletter sign ups, user logouts, and more.

GA4 plans are for one website only (i.e. root domain which includes subdomains). If you have multiple websites, please contact us for a quote.

No, the three plans: GA4 Migration, GA4 Set Up, and GA4 Advance don’t cover analytics for app platforms. The scope of offering is limited to Google Analytics for websites. However, if you want GA4 implementation for your app, contact us.

If you have a Universal Analytics property, it will remain the same. If you do not have an active UA property, you will be given a GA4 property.

If you have any additional requirements around GA4, just contact us when you sign up for a particular plan and our customer development team will help you set it up.

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